Best Gift for the Scientist in Your Life

You gotta admit - sometimes scientists are tough to shop for. With the holidays coming up, it becomes a struggle between finding a meaningful gift that your loved one will enjoy and not breaking the bank. 

Don't worry, because Pretty Bewitching has got your back! Here are the top four gifts for the scientist in your life:


1) The Body

Brains are beautiful! So are skeletons, hearts, and all of our organs, really! Celebrate the beauty of biology with this unique jewelry.




2) Chemicals

Chemicals are all around us! Get them their caffeine, dopamine, serotonin or acetylcholine right here!




3) Viruses

 Sometimes, it's the little things that matter. Help them embrace their love of microbes with our Virology Collection!




4) The Cosmos

Have the scientist in your life inspire wonder with a piece of the cosmos around their necks!




Happy Shopping!