About Pretty Bewitching

Pretty Bewitching was born out of a desire to give women in male-dominated fields an outlet to express their passion.
Women report that they often experience sexism and racial discrimination when trying to assert themselves in a male-dominated field such as science, mathematics, tech, or medicine. This constant struggle to proclaim "I AM HERE" results in women who are truly passionate about their field. 
Pretty Bewitching provides unique accessories to showcase this passion at work or in social situations. We celebrate your inner geekiness and nerdiness and say that it's not just okay to show this side of yourself, it's very much encouraged! We are feminine AND smart, and we choose to accessorize as such. 
Pretty Bewitching offers this visual expression of passion, excellent customer service, free worldwide shipping and a satisfaction guarantee... that's how confident we are that you'll love our accessories!
Pretty Bewitching's goal is to build a company that supports women and helps us unapologetically show our love for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.